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These information may be important:

1) How to find a certain record

The shellac records are listed in alphabetical order (name of the singer or musician). So if you, for instance, are looking for a shellac record of Louis Armstrong, click on letter A (in the list above), if you are looking for a shellac record of Elvis Presley, click on letter P, to find shellac records of Arturo Toscanini, click on letter T, and so on. If you are looking for a record that is not listed on our website, you might place a search advertisement at www.schellackboerse.de .

2) How to read the tables / legend

The words on top of the tables mean:

Interpret : singer / musician / orchestra / group +++++ Titel (Vorderseite) : song title (frontside) +++++ Titel (Rückseite) : song title (backside) +++++ Label / Nummer : label and number +++++ Land : country of production, short form (e.g. "D" means: made in Germany, "GB" means: made in England or Great Britain, "F" means: made in France, and so on) +++++ Preis : price (in Euros) +++++ Begleitung : accompaniment +++++ Bemerkung : remarks (if you want to get a translation of a remark please send an e-mail) +++++ Durchmesser : diameter of the record (measured in centimeters, not in inches!) (e.g. 25 cm ^= 10 inches, 30 cm ^= 12 inches)

3) Prices

The prices listed on this website all are prices in Euro (EUR).

We accept cash payment in USD (please ask for actual exchange rate)

4) Shipment / Payment

Foreign customers (from outside Germany) please see that we can only accept payment in advance. You may chose out of the following payment possibilities:

1) banking transfer (Euros) to our German bank account or

2) cash in a letter (Euros or US-Dollars; please ask for our actual exchange rate).

No cheques or MOs, please, for there are extremely high exchange cost for those items here. No PayPal.

Shipment cost depend on where you live and if sent per air mail or not, and if insurance is wanted. Please ask about a list of shipment possibilities and cost to your country. We'll do our very best to pack our beloved 78 rpm shellac records extremely carefully, in order to make them arrive unbroken at your home.

5) How to place your order

If you have found some record(s) that you'd like to buy, please send a short e-mail to info@shellac-records.de containing the following data:

1) your complete name and address

2) the record(s) you want to buy. Please name label and number, interpret, title and price (you may copy the record data directly from our website into your e-mail)

3) the kind of shipment you selected and shipment cost

4) the kind of payment you prefer (banking transfer or cash in a letter, EUR or USD)

We will then send you a confirmation/invoice email as soon as possible, containing all important facts and discount rabates (if relevant).

6) Thank you very much for visiting our website !


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